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Chestnut tunnel
The chestnut tunnel is a type of sponge cake, but instead of the usual chocolate or jam fillings, we spike it with some chestnuts. The result: a unique and irresistible delicacy.

  • 3 dkg of gelatin
  • 1.5 dl of water
  • 50 dkg of Plain chestnut mass
  • 6 dkg of powdered sugar
  • 5 dl of cream
  • 1 vial of rum essence
Bake a thin, chocolate-flavored sponge cake and place it into a ribbed metallic loaf pan. Slice a piece off of one of its sides and put it on top of the cake (as a roof). Soak 3 dkg of gelatin in 1.5 dl of water; then, with wet your hands, roll out 20 dkg of chestnuts to the length of the loaf pan. Mix 30 dkg of chestnuts with 6 dkg of powdered sugar and 1 vial of rum essence. Drip the gelatin into 5 dl of hard whipped cream; then, mix the cream with the chestnuts. Place half of the whipped-cream chestnuts on top of the cake, put the rolled-out chestnuts on top, then place the remaining half of whipped-cream chestnuts on top. Cover the chestnut filling with the cut-off slice of sponge cake, then cover the entire cake, place it in the fridge, and when it becomes solid, flip it onto a tray. Spread chocolate frosting on top and serve it.
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